PittMoss Prime

PittMoss Prime


100% pure PittMoss® & ready to improve any existing blends or soils. 

PittMoss Prime is a unique organic soil conditioner, with no added nutrients or fertilizers. OMRI listed for organic gardening, PittMoss Prime is a favorite among organic gardeners to improve their soil blends. 


Use PittMoss Prime to: 

  • Mix with existing potting or garden soils 
  • Improve conditions of native soil, like water holding, microbial activity and air space
  • Condition existing beds and containers 
  • Mix with compost 
  • Replace peat, coir, perlite and vermiculite  for custom soil blends 


PittMoss®  is made from organic, recycled, natural cellulosic fibers with added natural mineral ingredients. Material that is normally landfilled is upcycled into this valuable growing medium and soil amendment.

PittMoss® is an engineered fiber that is the most revolutionary advancement to happen in the gardening and horticultural industry in many decades.

Use PittMoss® instead of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, or coir for excellent results. PittMoss® combines the best qualities of these materials and more:

  • OMRI Listed
  • Structure Comparable to Peat Moss
  • Aeration Similar to Perlite
  • Nutrient Absorption Equivalent to Vermiculite
  • Moisture Holding Similar to Coir
  • Biological Activity Resembling Compost