Carex pensylvanica

Carex pensylvanica


With its tough disposition and spreading habit, this native grass makes an excellent shade groundcover. Fine texture and fountaining habit give this sedge a soft appearance that is lovely as an underplanting for bolder shade perennials or on its own as a shade lawn. Great in containers too! Easy to grow. Happiest in the company of oaks, but who isn't? -N. Creek Nursery




Carex pensylvanica is a common sedge that works well in partial sun or shade. For those trying to minimize high-maintenance and eco-unfriendly lawns, this is an ideal place to start. It forms loose leafy tufts and will quickly spread into large colonies forming dense mats from long underground rhizomes and stolons. Foliage is fine textured, bright green with blades are up to 12” long and 1/8” wide.  Moist soil is preferred but plants will tolerate average soils and some drought.


And an added plus, this sedge is pest resistant and unpalatable to deer.


In gardens, groundcover plantings should be cut to the ground during late winter.



For lawn-lovers in transition: Plant 1’ apart to create a woodland lawn that can be mown to 3” or slightly lower.  Mowing can be scheduled 1 to 3 times a year but a late winter clipping is the most important. Keep moist until established and water deeply as needed or every 2 weeks thereafter.  Clumps can be divided in early spring to increase lawn space or groundcover mass. -New Moon Nursery