Garden Herbs, Vegetables and Flowers

We are delivering herbs, vegetables and flower seedlings and small plants in #3 and #5 Root Pouches. Root pouches are an environmentally friendly way of creating an "instant garden". The pouches have handles and can easily be moved to avoid early/late frosts, take advantage of each yard's unique light, and avoid summer heat. They also breath and naturally "root prune" so that one can grow plants more efficiently in small spaces.


We are sourcing plants and seeds from local (MD & VA) nurseries and farms.


We are also a distributor of heirloom seeds from the excellent local co-op Southern Exchange in Mineral, VA. We carry and grow over 50 varieties of vegetables, herbs and garden-friendly flowers selected for our area. 


We expect to soon offer landscape plugs of eco-type native flowers that form the basis of a healthy pollinator garden. We recommend gardeners plant the plugs directly for fast and vigorous establishment. 


We offer native plugs as they are available from a select group of local and regional nurseries. We offer general guidance as to best planting conditions.


We also offer both simple planting services including full native landscaping  – “Bug-scaping” as we call it.

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