About Us

Our Philosophy

Peter's Plants is a company dedicated to using both indoor and outdoor plants for health and well-being.


We use eco-friendly indoor plants for filtering air and creating a healthy indoor environment.

We provide herbs, vegetables and flowers for culinary purposes and to promote healthy minds and bodies.

Outdoors, we use plants

genetically appropriate to each bio-region and local habitat.

Our Purpose


To promote the well-being of people, communities and eco-systems through the planting and care of eco-friendly indoor and native/heirloom outdoor plants. 


We provide our customers with plants that support their health and the health of their working and living environments.

Our Plants


Our plants are selected to be eco-friendly both in and outdoors. 


Indoor plants provide indoor eco-services such as air-filtration in addition to their contribution to mental health and well-being.


Food plants promote and sustain healthy minds and bodies.

 Our outdoor plants contribute to both the human and non-human food web, and are carefully selected through eco-conscious measures: 

  • Heirloom seeds, seedlings, vegetables, herbs, and pollinator flowers

  • Grasses, shrubs and trees on request

  • Succulents and foliage plants

For the ecologically-minded plant lover, we deliver high quality plants directly to you in a convenient way through our first-in-DC "Mobile Plant Truck". We deliver herbs in #3 gallon and vegetables & flowers in #5 gallon Root Pouches which are made of recycled materials (eliminates plastic from your gardening), can be re-used for years, and come in different colors.


You can order directly through this website, by emailing or calling us. To see our current selection and place an order, go to <Plants> on the menu bar.

We will deliver plants to your porch or your front door/concierge.


Home-base for us is 20016 where most deliveries are free of charge. Outside 20016 (e.g. 20015, 20007, 20008), delivery charges are generally $10-$20 depending on distance. For fuel efficiency, we try to group orders by zip code and neighborhood.


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